Join with us to raise a bucketful of money to help heart kids from across New Zealand. You might be the parent of a heart child or perhaps you know someone with a heart child.  Either way, by setting up a “virtual online bucket collection” you will be making a big difference in these children’s lives.

For many, their fight starts right from the moment they are born.  They have to be strong, they have to be brave and they have to fight!  It’s a long journey ahead and they truly are “Brave Hearts”.

With your help, every heart family and every heart child will be able to receive the support, care and assistance they need on this journey, wherever they are in our awesome little country.  

By setting up a fundraising page, sharing your story and telling people your motivation for fundraising you are helping Heart Kids make a huge difference for some of NZ's bravest little fighters.

For every $25,000 collectively raised we could provide one of the following:

  • A part time Family Support Worker in an area currently not covered in New Zealand.
  • High needs or emergency support to a number of families facing particularly challenging circumstances  such as, long stays in hospital for children from all over New Zealand, family separation challenges, extreme financial difficulties to name just a few situations.
  • The opportunity for 25 heart kids to attend our specialised camps - Camp Braveheart or Camp Teen Beat.
  • Valuable resources and support for families while in hospital, such as Heart Children Books, information leaflets and vouchers for expenses.


Setting up your fundraising page here is easy and is done in just a few steps – and then you’ll be set to spread the word and get your friends and supporters to help you fill your virtual bucket for Heart Kids.

Please join us and use your big heart to help these little hearts face what no child should ever have to go through?

However big or small, every donation helps Heart Kids change lives!

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56 heroes fundraising today.

Every child born with a heart defect needs to be brave, often on a daily basis. 

Each year:

  • Over 600 babies will be born with one or more heart defects.
  • Over 550 major heart surgeries will be carried out on heart kids in the national children’s hospital in Auckland.
  • 1,000 children will visit Auckland’s Paediatric Heart Unit for Treatment.
  • Heart Kids will support thousands of parents and children who need help and support.  Many of whom will need very different levels of support at different times on their journey.
  • All over the country, Heart Kids Family Support staff will sit with new families who have just learned that their child has a heart defect, and help them face their new realities.

Heart Kids needs your support.  Families cannot walk the journey alone, and we need your help to ensure that every heart child and their family receives the help and support they need.

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